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Styling swim bottoms is not for the faint of heart. It can be intimidating to show off so much skin, but luckily, there are plenty of outfit options ranging from risque to completely modest. Swim bottoms are much more versatile than you may have originally thought. They’re a summer staple that can be worn anywhere from the pool to the beach to even outdoor festivals! The options are endless. Once the weather gets hot, having these outfit options on standby will keep you feeling cool and looking stylish all summer long.

1) Pool Party Look

Swim Bottoms green

This look is incredibly simple yet perfectly chic and pool party appropriate. Throwing on a sheer mesh skin-tight dress over top of a matching bikini top and swim bottoms is a sure way to get all eyes on you. This attention grabbing outfit is sexy without trying too hard. Picking a fun color like this lime green dress and adding in some funky accessories is a great way to adapt this simple outfit formula to your personal preferences.

2) Laid-Back Beach Outfit

Swim Bottoms beach

Another easy place to wear swim bottoms is of course, on the beach! Or anywhere near it for that matter. This California-esque cool girl outfit combination is perfect for tossing a frisbee on the beach or skating boarding on nearby boardwalks. Best yet, it’s practically effortless to pull together. Simply add a vintage graphic tee to your favorite swim bottoms, a wide brim hat and a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be ready to go.

3) Rodeo Ready

Swim Bottoms rodeo

This next outfit is perfect for a Western-themed party, a summer BBQ, or even a music festival! Western-wear is on trend and a fun way to add a statement to what could otherwise be a boring swim bottoms outfit. Just add a crochet knit set overtop of a bikini set, a western wear belt, some cowgirl boots, and if you’re feeling extra bold you could throw on a cowgirl hat as well!

4) Beach Day Outfit

Swim Bottoms beach day

Another essential outfit to have ready for summer is classic beach day attire. Having something comfortable to lounge in while reading a book in the shade is the goal. This outfit consisting of high-waisted swim bottoms and a breezy sweater coverup is perfect. Adding a sunhat will also save your neck from sunburn and add some interest to your outfit. To keep this outfit classic, try incorporating a few different light neutrals such as beige and white, and don’t forget the sunglasses!

5) Festival Fit

Swim Bottoms festival fit

Wearing swim bottoms to a festival might sound daring, but there are plenty of natural-looking ways to style them. This outfit for example adds a maxi length see-through crochet skirt overtop of the bikini bottoms with a simple cropped white tee shirt and a crossbody bag and patterned bandana to accessorize. This outfit screams 70s and would fit right in at any alternative boho inspired event.

6) Travel-Ready Clothes

Swim Bottoms travel

This final outfit is the most versatile of the bunch. It consists of breezy knitwear pants layered overtop of swim bottoms and a light button down shirt with a bikini top. Simple flip flops and a basket weave bag make this summer outfit ideal for walking around and exploring a new travel destination, or even shopping local outdoor markets close to home.

Wherever you choose to wear your swim bottoms, be sure to stay cool, hydrated, and wear plenty of sunscreen!



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