Plank-on Abbigliamento sportivo made in Italy Plank on
From right Eric Lindquist, founder of new sportswear Plank-on, Laura, guest of the stand, Luisa Petrai Administrator of Plank-on Italia, Francesca Volpe, Design Office; from left Gianluca Petrai, Sales Manager e Ginevra Cherubini line designer.

An idea of Eric Lindquist, an ex american football player, veterinarian known internationally and a avid sports fan. Plank-On! began when he decided to create a new sportswear Made in Italy and street style brand focusing on the Made-in-Italy quality.

How did I discover this brand? By meeting Gianluca Petrai, a young Italian entrepreneur and personal trainer that I met in the gym who discussed his project.

Gianluca is in fact the director of sales and product development of the whole Plank-On! production that is made entirely in Italy. Gianluca’s sister, Luisa Petrai, is instead the administrator of Plank-On! Italy.

Abbigliamento sportivo made in Italy Plank-on Gianluca EricLuca told me about this sportswear adventure transmitting his enthusiasm regarding the Italian market challenge. You know us at BlogAndTheCity how much we love challenges 😉 .

Plank-On! is an Italian-American partnership that will have an entirely Made-In-Italy line. Therefore, it exemplifies Italian quality in the sports fashion industry. Eric Lindquist has lived several years in Italy and Gianluca Petrai has frequently visited the USA of the last number of years. Together, Eric and Gianluca are carrying on a brand with influences from both countries such as style, durable high quality, and fashion taste that represents the Plank-On! culture.

The Plank-On! line is composed of a techno-athletic category and a street-style one 😉 .

Plank-On! LLC began production just a few months ago and presented itself to the Italian public for the first time June 2-5, 2016 at the Rimini Wellness Fair; one of the most important expos of the year dedicated to sports and wellness advocates.

At Rimini Fitness curiosity and interest was immediately created for Plank-On!.

Many people had fun taking photos in front of the Plank-On! logo with the hashtag #plankphoto or by challenging Gianluca with a plank resistance test. The winners had the privilege to choose a product at the stand, signed Plank-On!  😉 obviously.


I met up with Gianluca on his way back from Rimini and I asked him some questions to understand more of the new brand:

While the clothing and the sports world turn to third world countries to produce low cost items, Plank-On! went countertrend and focuses on products all Made-in-Italy. Why?

Plank-on Abbigliamento sportivo made in Italy Plank on parcoThe choice of Plank-on from this point of view is without a doubt in countertrend or “against the grain.” Given that the cost of italian production can never be competitive with the asian countries in particular, and now even with North Africa and eastern countries that seem as if they are becoming the new industries of the world. The reason of this Made-in-Italy choice explains the philosophy of Plank-On! as well, where the essence of the best must always be pursued. Who wouldn’t want the best quality of a product Made-in-Italy but at the same price of a third world produced item?

Made-in-Italy is a synonym of guarantee and of quality. In a moment in time when personal wellness, healthy training, and the realization of the ideal psycho-physical state together represent the fitness industry as one of the five most expanded markets in the actual economy. So why can’t we focus on the best possible product? Why can’t we, Italians, regain our position that we have historically earned with Made-in-Italy products? Plank-On! launched this project even knowing it would be full of challenges. This effort makes us proud to extend the “Made in Italy” symbol for sales within Italy and throughout the world.

We are confident in undertaking a difficult, but stimulating road where in the center of our choices there is the always will to improve. We strive to provide the best quality to our clients, to protect them by offering a product that is a combination of constant research, study and attention to our particular cultural proposal to the sports fashion industry. From administrator, Luisa Petrai, to the Plank-On! line design of Ginevra Cherubini, and distribution support by Francesca Volpe, the spirit of fashion forward young energy is our staff modus operandi. The staff is constantly full of ideas since they understand our philosophy of sacrifice and dedication that exemplifies the culture of Plank-On!.

Plank-on Abbigliamento sportivo made in Italy Plank on GinevraFor my experience in the gym (not much 😉 ) a plank is an exercise to reinforce your abdominal muscles, then why this name to the new brand?

Abbigliamento sportivo made in Italy Plank-on BelieveA plank is an optimal exercise for abdominal muscles, they say that whoever has tried one minute of Plank in their life could understand. The name of the brand was created by founder of the company, Dr. Eric Lindquist, who, ex american football player, part time resident in Italy and acquaintance of our culture for 25 years and committed supporter of Yoga and wellness, united his plank passion to a typical Californian energeticly positive expression that means “Come on!” or “Rock-on!” or “Party-On!” which are typical California phrases from his childhood, having been born and raised in southern California.

Our slogan is strictly related to its under-slogan “Believe in your core” that means to believe in your physical and emotional core until you reach a psycho-physical harmony and why we have created a “secure”, comfortable look combined with authentic Italian style?

Where can you buy Plank-On products?

PlankOn_TM_Logo_ColorDirectly on the Plank-On website that has a simple style, but it’s full of content. You just have to think that a lot of textures that we use are Italian and this allows us to produce Full Made in ITALY! We believe in what we do… Believe in us! Believe in yourself and wear Plank-On! We’re waiting for you online.

PLANK-ON! Believe in your core. (TM)

You can also follow Plank-On! activities on its Facebook Page:                                                                                                           



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